In Memory of Morgan


July 16, 2004 — October 20, 2015

U were my baby from the first moment I held you in my arms. U were so sick & so tiny. U slept with me every night & I carried U to the litter box during the night & gave U meds. I fed U water with a syringe. I would have done anything for U. U had to take so much medicine & see so many Drs. that it broke my heart. U were a huge part of me & who I was. U & I forged a bond so deep that even now I can't believe U R gone. U loved life even tho it was a hard one 4 U. I miss U sleeping next to me & holding my hand thru the night. I miss UR face, Ur love, Ur patience with me in all things. U were the best part of my life. Even at the end when U were suffering so, U had such dignity. My heart will never be the same. Thank U 4 being U...the best fur baby ever & 4 UR love. U taught me so much about life & what true caring & love really was. I had U for 12 years. I would have given anything if it could have been 20.U R with God now & no longer suffering. I miss you more than words can say.

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