In Memory of Olivia


January 13, 1996 — April 21, 2012

Olivia came into my life when she was just a few days old. She was so tiny that she fit in the palm of my hand, and oh how hungry she was. I could not bottle feed her she was so small, I had to use a syringe. As Olivia grew we became so bonded that no one could get near her, she hid anytime there was a knock on the door. But with me, I have never received so much love. We went through 2 hurricanes together when we lived in Alabama, I would never leave her to go through this alone. Whenever I would sing, "You Are My Sunshine" Olivia would come running if she was in the other room and cuddle up with me, that was our song. As the years went by she started to not groom herself and would drink excess amounts of water. When I took her to the vet we found out that her kidneys were failing. She was wasting away, slowly. I had to let her go, she hung on for over 15 minutes while we talked and I sang her our song. She took three final breaths and she was gone. She allowed me to say goodbye.

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