In Memory of Pepe Nacho


May 10, 2009 — November 10, 2013

Pepe Nacho got to my house travelling from Monterrey, Mexico to La Laguna, where I live. We believe this cat was one of the rescued ones from a very difficult situation in Monterrey. There had been a hurricane hitting this place and Pepe Nacho was wearing a collar with a different name and a phone number from this city. Even though we called several times, no one answered, so my family and I decided to keep him. He was very weak and tired. He ate and drank water as if it were the end of the world. After a few days, he recovered strenght and became part of my family. He loved to be treated as the only one, although there were another cats.
I guess he was very happy, because even at the end of his days, when he was sick, he looked at me like a thankful person does.
One day, I'll meet him just as the rest of cats of mine that have passed away.

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