In Memory of Quincy


May 3, 1997 — December 23, 2013

Unique, loving, loyal. These are just a few words that describe this beautiful boy. He stole our hearts when we walked into the Humane Society "just to look". Parents told us we were NOT coming home with a pet. All that changed when we saw this little white ball of fluff. Mom held him and she knew at that moment that we'd be taking him home, and we did. He was so shy, but full of energy.

For over a decade he filled each day with joy. He was often anti social, and wanted cuddles on his terms only. Yet, whenever someone was upset or crying, somehow, he knew. No matter where he was or what he was doing he'd come to the rescue and climb on you and push his head against your chin. He would remain with you until he knew you felt better.

He was loved beyond imagination and will always be loved and remembered.

We miss you every single day Quincy. You brought us a beam of light during the darkest of days.

We love you Quince-man! more than you'll ever know.

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