In Memory of Rocco


February 20, 2014 — April 1, 2015

Rocco was my first baby boy, he was so energetic and spunky. He was so athletic, he could jump nearly 6ft into the air, and when he played I called it the "show" because he did so many acrobatic moves. He played fetch also, and liked to get on my shoulder like a little parrot. He followed me everywhere I went, he liked to travel to Grandma's and play outside on his leash. He was insatiable when it came to playing, and got into everything. I have no lamp shades left in my house because he loved to play with the lights. I used to be his toy too, until I got, Gino his little brother who he then got to bite all the time! He loved to eat paper, plants and books. He would rebel when I left home for too long by taking off everything on the refrigerator and chewing it, knocking off all the bathroom towels and bringing them into the living room. I am so blessed to have had such a unique special boy in my life. He is my first born baby and I will keep him in my heart forever.

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