In Memory of Sam


April 8, 2005 — October 10, 2014

This is how I will remember Sam: through the things he loved and by his sometimes quirky taste in food and toys, ribbons and pants cords especially. And his pastime of using his nails to pull loops up in loosely woven fibers like lap blankets and bath towels (he ruined a good many - I was sometimes slow to trim his nails).

Mostly I will remember that he loved us and we loved him. And also what a wonderful companion he was, how he stayed next to me through six weeks of recuperation in 2011, and kept me from being lonely; he did the same thing earlier this year when I had foot surgery. Of course, there are many many other quirky and wonderful (and some not so wonderful) things he did. They will also be remembered - with gratitude, with a smile, sometimes with a laugh, and sometimes maybe with a tear.

We were so fortunate to have been the guardians of this little cat and to have had his love. We miss him so much.

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