In Memory of Sammy


October 1, 1999 — July 1, 2014

Sammy was adopted when he was about 6 months old. He had the biggest purr I have ever heard on a cat. He was fuzzy and cuddly and loved catnip! He was always welcoming to any new cats that came to our house to be fostered. Sam liked his cat sister, Lacy, and when she died, he had a hard time. I remember him bonding with one of my shoes. I got him a friend and he tolerated her kitten-ness. She loved him and they became best friends after awhile. I think about Sammy every single day. I tried really hard with him the last 2 years of his life. He was a sick boy and one day I just knew that I couldn't let him live in pain any more. His fur was soft. He slept with me every night, snuggled up. I miss that. I miss him but I know he is pain free and that part makes it ok that I miss him. I love you Sammy. I will see you again some day.

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