In Memory of sandy


June 20, 2000 — November 15, 2015

she was the love of my life and the first of 3 deaths we lost in a row from just before thanksgiving to just before christmas and it's been a hard year for me! she lead me to the shelter where her sisters ab/haley came from in leverett. i was very lucky as it turns out her younger sister just a year old here april is very much like her only a maine coon. i miss the time with her sleeping next to me on my bed or spending time in the chair when am in it watching tv or sharing some of m food with her. she was very popular on cat channel and won many cat of the day and a few popularity awards. she was asked to be cat of the month queen, but janet said she would be queen of the house and friend to all as she just didn't have the time to spend it blogging for a month before hand as well as the next month afterwards. she enjoyed her time with me on my recliner outside or inside/outside my car get ting plenty of love and attention and was queen of everybody's heart! SANDY MY LOVE ALWAYS!

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