In Memory of Scamper Cat aka SC


August 20, 2000 — June 17, 2008

Scamper was a special. she iwas in a cage at the local shelter. the cage that was the farthest cage away from the front door. i was told that she was un-adoptable. no reason was given. it was 2 days before Christmas, so we took her home. she went straight behind the stove and lived there for 3 months before we even saw her. we let her live the life she wanted. if you want to be scared, that's ok. we can work with that. soon after that she started coming around. as time passed she was not really touchable, but always visible. after her stroke and she went blind, i would go out the shop and sit on the floor and she would sit in my lap for rubs. WHY, why did you wait till the end of your life to let me love you? you could have had my love all those years. Scamper and the Beast we good friends. when the beast was taken, Scamper would sit at the top of the drive way waiting for her friend to come home. we waited and mourned together for weeks. this one makes me cry.

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