In Memory of Scooter


September 1, 2013 — June 28, 2014

One September night,I kept hearing a little cat's miaow.Looking out the winder I did not see anything so I just continued watching tv. It continued and finally saw a small tiny head looking up at me from under a car. My heart melted,as an animal lover,I could not let that small kitten in the streets. I whistled and he ran up the stairs to my apartments door. I gave him water and food but he did not trust me.I din't force him.The next night he came back and again he did not trust me but on the third day he let himself inside and wasn't long he was cuddling with me.It was love at first sight.I already had a cat but she was more moody and independent. Scooter came into my life at the right time like a gift from God. Alone and depressed. He was verry special and would bring me his toys to play,make me laugh and watch tv on my lap every night.He was everything to me. But one day he suddenly got sick and lost him the same day. His presence is missed so much.I will love him for ever.

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