In Memory of Shoes


June 3, 1973 — July 10, 1990

Shoes (the adult cat in pic) was a big cat with a huge heart. He was in the family for 17 years and his death was the first one that hit me hard, even at the age of 17. We had many animals come & go, but his was the most devastating at the time. He was brought home only a couple weeks after I was, mom said she found him on the side of a road. My fondest memory of him was when we had a bunch of neighbors over to help fight a fire of our horse shelter, and I saw him at the basement door so I opened it and he took off like I'd never seen before. He ran up to the neighbors dog, jumped on his back, dug his claws in, then jumped off and ran one way while the dog ran the other!!! Was so great to watch and glad I got to witness it! Will always remember you Shoes...

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