In Memory of Sylvester


June 1, 2000 — August 17, 2015

Sylvester was born of a mother named Angel owned by my neighbors, who did not take care of her. As a result angel contracted FIV and passed it on to her kittens. I decided to adopt one of them who I named Sylvester, not expecting him to live long. My thought was that I could give him a loving home while he was here. However, he ended up living to the age of fifteen. I happen to have Muscular Dystrophy, and ended up in the hospital with respiratory failure and had to get a tracheotomy. I ended up staying in the hospital for nearly a year, and 4 months was spent in rehab to regain my strength and get rid of the trache. Anyhow, I was told that Sylvester slept on my bed at home every night. To make a long story short, I finally made it back home and Sylvester jumped right up on my lap, welcoming me home. Sylvester died two weeks later and I know he waited for me to get home before he passed on.

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