Street fashion with feline wit.


For those who worship both cats and fashion, Meow United, a Brooklyn-based clothing label, announces the Fall 2015 launch of its new lifestyle brand. Meow United brings design forward thinking to its premium quality clothing line, geared towards cat lovers who are just as passionate about animal welfare as they are about fashion swagger. The feline inspired designs feature hand-drawn illustrations, photography and typography centered graphics that evoke high street fashion. At the center of Meow United’s cat inspired collection is its signature cat camo (caMEOWflage) print which aims to celebrate the sly grace and mystery of felines with a design that symbolizes wit with a wink.

Hand screen printed T-shirts include the favorite “Meowtini: Shaken Not Purred” Tee to the tribute to Brooklyn street cats “Meowklyn” collection, featuring captions like “No Sleep Till Meowklyn”.

Founder, Linda Peters and her team of international artists combine the best of urban street fashion and feline focused point-of-view that tears away at the stereotype of frumpy dressed cat lovers.

Meow United is committed to premium quality, eco-friendly apparel that embodies the values we cherish most: putting customers first, inspiring design innovation and supporting animal welfare efforts aimed at protecting and preventing cruelty of cats. The e-commerce site will aim to help raise funds for cats and cat rescue organizations in need, by featuring a monthly custom designed graphic tee with a percentage of the proceeds going to those causes.