Gorgeous Modern Cat Furniture

Finding modern cat furniture that satisfies your feline friend’s needs and looks great in your home can be a struggle. Thankfully, Tuft + Paw’s gorgeous, modern cat furniture makes this problem a thing of the past.

They’ve been called “the West Elm of cat furniture” for good reason. Tuft + Paw provides everything from cat beds to trees and scratchers, all designed with both function and aesthetics in mind. The result? Beautiful objects cats and their people love, no style sacrifices here.

Cat lovers Jackson Cunningham and Vanessa Koo founded Tuft + Paw after a trip to Columbia. In Columbia, street cats are common and often treated as pests. The duo decided to create a business focused on helping cats by combining a mission to provide the kind of attractive cat furniture they themselves wanted but could not find, with feline-focused philanthropy.

They applied themselves to creating high-quality, consciously made cat furniture that was different than anything on the market, nailing the inspired design part, and centered their business model on helping cats in need.  Tuft + Paw is highly focused on Animal Welfare and supports dozens of events to help raise funds for no-kill shelters. They also donate hundreds of items to shelters and cat cafes and have even established a donation program that offers 50 percent off any item being directly donated to a shelter. Pinterest-worthy modern cat furniture that looks good while helping rescue cats? Sounds purrfect to us. tuftandpaw.com