Feeling Stressed During the Holidays?

Modern Cat's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide:...

Modern Cat's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide:...

Modern Cat's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide:...

Modern Cat's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide:...

Modern Cat's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide:...

Modern Cat's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide:...

Modern Cat's 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

What to Watch: The Electrical Life...

Cole, of Cole & Marmalade Fame,...

Modern Cat’s 2020 Holiday Gift Guide

Keeping your cat enriched and engaged is so important for their overall health! Spoil your feline family members this holiday season with these pawsome cat toy and enrichment gifts!


The Best Cat Toy and Enrichment Gifts

Want to show your cat a jolly good time? Yeowww! Catnip’s holiday toys are hand-stuffed 100% full of organically grown catnip and are sure to provide a euphoric holiday experience! yeowww.com


P.L.A.Y.’s Feline Frenzy Toy Collection is the cat’s meow! Pre-stuffed with USDA Organic catnip, these toys will spice up play time with their intriguing scents, shapes and textures. Use code PURRFECT to save 20%. petplay.com


ScratchLadder® is the ultimate scratching experience and can be customized with carpet, wood, and fabric replacement panels. Save your home and give your cat something to sink their claws into! scratchplaymeow.com


The Catit Play Spinning Bee is a fun interactive cat toy that will make your cat go wild! Spins crazily, sends out laser beams and drops treats! Available now on Catit.ca.


Spoil your cat this holiday with a wall mounted cat shelf from Hangman Pets! Available in three models, these durable, high-quality, shelves help promote positive scratching and provide your cat with the vertical space they desire. hangmanproducts.com


Meet the Buzzer, Dezi & Roo’s newest wand toy attachment! It’s inspired by beloved bumbling pollinators and made of chew-friendly paper and a soft fuzzy centre. It brings outdoor fun to indoor cats! deziroo.com


Elevate your cat’s playtime with these super soft and adorably sweet little treats from Munchiecat! “Wagashi” toys are sure to please with organic catnip, crinkle, and bells. munchiecat.com


Gift the joy of crinkle this holiday season. The Crinkle Ball will keep your cat happy and entertained all year long! Made in Canada with materials sourced in the USA. crinkleball.com



Your cat will love to snuggle and play with From the Field’s newest Bae the Hemp Body Pillow! It’s made with strong hemp fabric and filled with their signature organically grown catnip, Silver Vine, and Valerian Root. fromthefieldpet.com


A Cats Domain offers beautiful, unique modular cat furniture systems that will have your cat purring for more! Made with high-quality materials like Baltic Birch, they’re the perfect cat-friendly addition to any home. etsy.com/shop/acatsdomain



This gorgeous, wall-mounted vertical space solution has it all! The Juggernaut complex from Catastrophic Creations features a cat bridge, escape hatches, floating sisal posts, lounges, planters, and a sisal pole. Great for one or multiple cats, there is tons of safe space to climb, scratch, and relax! catastrophiccreations.com


Handmade and purrfectly stylish, this two -bowl raised pet feeder from Madrock Design can be customized with an engraved name plate and comes with stainless steel or glass bowls. madrockdesign.ca


This beautiful handcrafted lightweight cat collar from Hot Dogs All Dressed is available in either suede or lightweight leather and is stylish, fun, and comes in a rainbow of colors to express those alpha cat personalities! hotdogsalldressed.com


Worried about your cat’s weight and wanting to find a unique way to keep them engaged? Encourage natural instincts while reducing binge eating with the Senses 2.0 Digger from Catit! catit.ca


Keep your cat active and encourage their natural hunting instincts with the Katapult 2-in-1 interactive toy from KuhleKatz! The unpredictable bouncing spring and catnip infused mouse promote mental stimulation and independent play. kuhlekatz.com


Have a fierce kitty in your home who has a bad habit of scratching the furniture? The durable, versatile, and two-in-one Arty Cat Scratcher from P.L.A.Y. is purrfect for keeping your couch safe and cat occupied. petplay.com*



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