Holiday Gift Guide - Andis Slicker Brush

The Firm Slicker Brush is a light, durable brush that effortlessly glides through all feline coat types. Remove dead hair, unravel tangles, and eliminate matting with high-quality metal teeth that enhance hair health while leaving fur with a lustrous shine. Available in sizes Medium and Large.

Holiday Gift Guide - AskVet App

AskVet provides insight into your cat’s health and wellness beyond “meow.” You’ll get personalized, guided care—right from our mobile app. Connect with a licensed veterinarian within seconds, 24/7. Use code MODERNCAT at checkout for a two-month FREE trial. Find “AskVet” in the app stores (iOS and Android).


Holiday Gift Guide - BoxiePro Litter.

BoxiePro Deep Clean litter formula is made with a boosted blend of probiotics to prevent unseen waste from spreading to other areas of the home. Cleaner Paws = Cleaner Home®.

Holiday Gift Guide - CONAIRPROPET Slicker Brush.

CONAIRPROPET’s Cat Soft Slicker Brush is the purr-fect slicker to brush out your cat’s coat! Made with soft-coated pins, it gently removes mats and tangles and has a comfortable memory gel grip. or

Holiday Gift Guide - CONAIRPROPET Nail Clippers.

Keep those cat claws trimmed with the CONAIRPROPET Cat Small Nail Clipper! Designed with a built-in safety guard as an added safety measure while grooming your feline friend. or

Holiday Gift Guide - Creating Better Days CBD Wildlife Sublingual

Want to improve your cat’s health and well-being? Try this 250mg CBD Wildlife Sublingual. Made with third-party lab-tested isolate CBD sourced from industrial hemp, products by Creating Better Days are safe, pure, and effective!

Holiday Gift Guide - Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover.

Whether it’s your car, couch, or carpet, Fur-Zoff’s patented recycled material will quickly remove pet hair from the fabrics of your life! Works for all types of pet hair.


Holiday Gift Guide - HandsOn Pet Grooming Gloves.

#1 ranked, multi-award winning, HandsOn Gloves are the revolutionary all-in-one shedding/bathing/grooming gloves. Animal preferred for the loving HandsOn massage. HandsOn is changing the way we bathe, de-shed and groom all our animals. Forever.

Holiday Gift Guide - HealthierPet Health Drops Feline Solution.

The Health Drops Feline blend is specially formulated to work quickly and effectively to treat a variety of your cat’s ailments. There has been a strong success in treating the pains of aging, seizures, and some anxiety-related disorders.



Holiday Gift Guide - BioBrilliant Dental Health Supplement Powder.

BioBrilliant is a natural, 100% active ingredient pet dental health supplement powder by InClover that works by remineralizing your pet’s teeth, aiding in keeping them strong and healthy – no toothbrush/toothpaste needed!


Holiday Gift Guide - Instachew Pura X Smart Pet Litter Box.

The Pura X Smart Litter Box from Instachew helps owners by scooping and cleaning their cat’s litter for them. It scoops up waste and separates it into a bin after every use.


Holiday Gift Guide - J.R. Liggett's Cat Shampoo.

Cats deserve a shampoo specially formulated for them! J.R.LIGGETT’s Cat Shampoo for Sensitive Skin is all-natural and 100% detergent-free, helping relieve itchy skin and leaving them feeling clean and silky soft.

Holiday Gift Guide - Kitangle's Top Entry Corner Kitty Litter Box.

Kitangle’s Top Entry Corner Kitty features high sided walls with a cover to help keep Rover out and litter in. Its seamless interior contains waste tastefully in your modern space.

Holiday Gift Guide - Kitty Sift.

Say goodbye to scooping!  Kitty Sift is the future of kitty cleanup.  No more plastic scoopers, liners or trays that can create unhealthy odor or bacteria buildup.

Holiday Gift Guide - My Pet Laser.

The My Pet Laser relieves pain, reduces inflammation, and heals wounds in cats from the comfort of home. Cordless, portable, and FDA-cleared safe, your cat will love this non-invasive therapy.

Holiday Gift Guide - My CatScan Genetic Health Screening.Gain insight into your cat’s genetic health with My CatScan, the largest and most accurate feline genetic screen. Test for more than 80 diseases and traits commonly found in cats.

Holiday Gift Guide - Next Gen Pet Litter.Next Gen Pet litter products are truly functional, effective and earth friendly! With Next Gen Pet Products you no longer need to sacrifice product performance to respect nature and the environment!

Holiday Gift Guide - OxyFresh Dental Water Additive.

Eliminate the bacteria that causes bad breath, while removing plaque buildup, and protecting your cat’s gums by adding Oxyfresh’s Pet Dental Water Additive to your cat’s water dish. The patented formula is safe, tasteless, and odourless.

Holiday Gift Guide - PawsElite Full Spectrum CBD Oil.
Remove the guesswork and risk of using CBD oil for your cats by using a product that was developed based on thousands of veterinarian patients over the last 5 years!

Holiday Gift Guide - SmartCat All Natural Cat Litter from Pioneer Pet.

SmartCat All Natural Cat Litter is not only all natural, but designed to make everything easier! Easier to carry, easier to scoop, and easier to clean. On top of that, it is made from 100% USA farmed grass and will biodegrade as a renewable resource after disposal.


Holiday Gift Guide - Sammy's Shiny Coat Flax Oil.

Sammy’s Shiny Coat is responsible for the basic cellular health of our feline companions. This 100% virgin, cold-pressed flax oil contains no fillers, improves your feline’s coat and helps control bothersome hairballs.

Holiday Gift Guide - Felaqua Connect Cat Drinking Fountain.

Designed with leading veterinary behaviorists, Felaqua® Connect is the smart water that provides insights into drinking behavior by connecting with your cat’s microchip, highlighting changes that may otherwise be missed.


Holiday Gift Guide - Sustainably Yours Cat Litter.

Sustainably Yours is biodegradable, clumps firmer and faster than conventional litter, and offers natural odour elimination. It’s Jackson Galaxy’s litter of choice, used by The Cat Daddy’s crew at home.

Holiday Gift Guide - UKIUKI Microfiber Towels.

The shorter the bath time, the happier your cat becomes! The excellent absorption of UKIUKI microfiber towels can make your bath time with your cat more enjoyable.

Holiday Gift Guide - Ubbi Steel Pet Waste Pail.

Just in! The Ubbi pet collection. Gift your furry friends with a present you’ll also enjoy: the Ubbi steel pet waste pail that will help you achieve maximum odor control.

Holiday Gift Guide - Vetericyn Plus Facial Therapy Solution.

Manage cat acne, cuts, mouth sores, and more! Use Vetericyn’s Feline Facial Therapy to remove irritants and clean discharge in and around eyes and nose, reduce inflammation, and soothe the itch and irritation associated with allergies.

Holiday Gift Guide - FurBliss Calming Pet Brush.

The Swiss-designed furbliss® brush is the most versatile pet brush available. Provides a gentle and calming brushing action that massages, desheds, removes sebum and dander, and leaves the coat shiny and healthy. The furbliss® brush is also the perfect brush for bath time and can be used wet or dry.

Holiday Gift Guide - World's Best Cat Litter.

World’s Best Cat Litter is made with natural, renewable corn ingredients. This quick clumping litter has outstanding odour control, a tight clumping ability, and is long lasting!