Waggers new super premium cat food is now available exclusively at Pet Specialty retailers – the first starch free, grain free, soft and moist cat food on the market. Waggers TenderMoist provides a healthy bridge between dry foods and wet/raw diets, in a convenient “pour and store” kibble format you’ll appreciate. 

“More and more cat owners are realizing that dry pet foods don’t provide the moisture levels cats are used to from their ancestral diet of live prey,” explains Jason Bailey, CEO of Waggers Inc.  “Dehydration is a big problem and can lead to urinary tract disease (FLUTD) and other major health issues in our cats. We are really excited to offer new Waggers TenderMoist – allowing pet owners to increase moisture in their cat’s diet without the fuss of wet or raw.”

High starch levels are also an issue with highly processed dry pet foods – starch is used to glue the ingredients together. Cats lack the enzyme amylase in their mouth which helps to break down starch, so extra carbs can convert to fat and cause feline obesity. Waggers TenderMoist contains 0% starch and less than 12% carbs, designed to suit your cat’s carnivorous nature. 

Waggers is a Nevada company that has been making soft and moist treats for cats and dogs since 2005.  Waggers TenderMoist was developed through years of careful research and development, to bring you a convenient and healthier alternative to feeding dry foods.  All Waggers treats and foods are made in and all ingredients sourced from USA or Canada. 

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