savage cat food

Image of Savage Cat Food owners Audrey and Mathew, as well as Modern Cat's very own Jacquie!

This blog post was provided by Savage Cat Food to Modern Cat. All views expressed within are their own. 

If you are connected to the Pet Industry at any way, you have undoubtedly heard of SuperZoo. This giant pet retail exposition takes place annually in Las Vegas, Nevada. Anyone you meet in the industry usually starts or ends a conversation with “See you at SuperZoo?”. Needless to say, SuperZoo blew our minds.

This was our first year exhibiting at SuperZoo, and even though we had done smaller shows in the past, nothing compares to the size and bustle of this event. Almost everyone who attends is there to do business. Stores stock up on deals for the year, distributors scope the scene for new products, and everyone connects with the faces behind the companies.

We were so surprised with the reception of our product and our company at SuperZoo. We didn’t have to explain raw food to anyone- everyone grabbed our boxes and exclaimed “Yes. Yes. Yes!” We debuted our new inner packaging for our food at SuperZoo. It used to be in a black poly bag, which we switched to a clear and printed poly bag so people could actually see the food inside. Stores that we know from social media swung by our booth and to experience our product firsthand.

We made tons of friends and associates at SuperZoo and reconnected with our current clients as well. After the show, we immediately expanded our distribution into a couple Northern California retail locations. This year should see our cat food in a variety of more stores in California and parts of Nevada and Arizona. We look forward to getting our product into more retail freezers for consumers. We also can’t wait for SuperZoo next year!