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After years of operating as a local brick and mortar cat boutique, and in light of the growing success of their website, My Three Cats & Co. decided in 2003 to dedicate itself to serving a broader cat community.  Today, their ecommerce business, thrives as a specialty cat-focused ecommerce store, cultivating a cat loving community around the world!   

The driving force behind My Three Cats & Co. is a lifelong love of cats and a passionate commitment to their welfare and responsible care. provides only the best products for conscientious cat owners who regard their feline friends as more than just pets. They carefully select the cat products and accessories, so that those available are high quality and durable and most importantly, cats actually love and use them!  As cat lovers know, cats are choosy.  While each has his/her own distinctive purr-sonality and preferences (like us) we find My Three Cats & Co. products attract even the most finicky cats!

You can browse the website for the many lifestyle enhancements they provide for your cat(s), such as one of a kind cat trees and scratching posts; extra comfy beds; a huge selection of aromatic, organic catnip toys that cats toss and bunny kick all day long.  Our teaser and pleaser toys engage both you and your cat, to deepen the bond you both already enjoy. For the people in your cat’s life, they offer a popular collection of Laurel Burch™ unique cat themed jewelry; handbags; tees; scarves; travel accessories and much more.  Cat lovers love to show their passion for their cats, wearing these eye-catching cat designs.  These also make ideal cat lover gifts at gift giving time, or just because! strives to educate and advance the principles of humane and compassionate pet care, as well as the responsible stewardship involved with all of God’s creatures and their environment. They have shared their expertise and enthusiasm on television and radio, and have been published in widely recognized cat focused blogs and sites. 

What’s most rewarding to is supporting animal rescue and shelter organizations when possible and serving as volunteers in their local area, encouraging everyone to give a shelter pet a loving, forever home.

Shop online at or call TOLL-FREE @ 1-877-CAT LUV3 (1-877-228-5883).


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