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The Benefits of Interacting with Cats

The health benefits of having a cat

We’ve all heard the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away!” But have you ever considered interacting with your pet as another way to prevent doctor visits? Many people are experiencing the social and health advantages of interacting with their four-legged friends. The proof is not only evident in happy pet owners’ faces, but also in recent studies.

Professionals and researchers have found specific benefits in cat ownership. For many people, cats offer social companionship without the fear of judgement. Having a cat around can prevent loneliness and depression and even improve your mood in general. Companionship through a cat is especially beneficial to those who live alone or are widowed. Dr. Jonathon Lidbury, assistant professor in the feline internal medicine department at the Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine & Biomedical Sciences, explains the key advantages of owning a cat.

“Cats offer companionship, which is especially beneficial to people who are socially isolated due to various reasons,” he said. “Cats also offer stress relief and light exercise if you play with them.”

Benefits of interacting with cats

Besides social interaction and a reduced risk of suffering from social diseases like depression, cats also offer many health benefits. In fact, the positive emotions you experience from playing or cuddling with your feline can help boost your immune system. Cats can also sense when their owners are sick and often offer them company. This can help you feel better even sooner.

Although it is common to find someone who is allergic to cats, studies show that young children or infants who are exposed to cats often develop fewer allergies. Early and frequent exposure to cats may also prevent future upper respiratory problems in children as well.

For many people, interacting with their cat provides a sense of comfort and relief from everyday stress. Caring for another creature and being sensitive to their needs can help distract cat owners from their daily struggles, worries, and negative emotions. By lowering stress levels, cat owners may experience lower blood pressure, as well as less anxiety.

interacting with cat

Cats are smart and independent animals that are also naturally clean, making them a great choice for a pet. Combined with their many health benefits, the low maintenance aspect of cat ownership creates a great opportunity for companionship.

“Cats offer a great balance between being easy to take care of but at the same time being very good companions,” Lidbury said. “They are playful, intelligent, and engaging pets that are very fun to take care of.”

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  • David Olson

    I was diagnosed with PTSD. In that it is service connected, I’m fortunate for having the Veterans Administration seeing to all medical needs. At home for the past twenty years my constant companion has been a cat. Patches for thirteen years. She was followed by Esmeralda, a beautiful calico.She and I have been companions for the past seven years. I can attest to the fact that, in my case, cat(s) can be very good for mental well being.

  • Peter

    I agree cat are great Companion and helps to relieve owners of stress relief.
    Years back my wife and me sparated and I was left with the cats.
    I was very depressed at the time because I had two great kids but didn’t see them very much.the cats help me get though a very hard time,
    One of those cats lived to the age of 15 years old and they other is still around and is 17 years old.
    God bless Mr Jinx and jinxy for helping though that

  • Kristine Williams

    I adopted my beautiful Kitty Annabelle 2 years ago. She is a wonderful companion always but when I was recently felled by pneumonia, she never left my side and lay on my bed, never taking her eyes off me. When she had to get up to eat or use the bathroom, she walked up and sniffed my breath to make sure it was okay to leave for a minute. Now that I am better, she is going back to her routine but I will never forget how seriously she took her job taking care of me❤️

  • W.Wright

    Had never had a pet of any kind until I took ownership of a friends’ cat that she had developed a delayed allergy to over a period of months.Best decision I ever made and the pleasure of owning a cat has led to 2 others so now I have 3. Can’t say enough about the positives of owning cats.

  • Deb Veach

    I have PTSD and OCD so I don’t like to socialize that much. Gizzie has given me more stability than seeing a doctor. She is my bright, shining star of my life ^~~^

  • Ambachew

    Great factual article. Many thanks!
    1) A year ago I stayed at home for about a week after eye surgery. My many cats especially the male one (whom I call Sheba) knowing I was sick and seeing my one eye covered with plasters, he sensed something undesirable happened to me. So he slept beside my pillow and also sat for longer hours on my stomach just to comfort me and to help me overcome the loneliness.
    2) I used to return home an hour before midnight after spending hours in liquor groceries but since living with cats I’ve begun a new way of life of returning home in early evening time which of course helped me to reduce my alcohol intake and expenses. 3) Spending more time with cats helps me to avoid unnecessary bickering with other family members who of course are selfish and naughty from my point of view. Hence my companions CATS are special creatures and add value for my life. I sincerely owe them a lot. Yours, Ambachew (Addis Ababa, Ethiopia)


    I love my dog for his enthusiasm and energy. And for the healthy walks I get outside. But when it comes to cuddles my cats are the best. In fact my female cat makes it incredibly hard to get out of bed as she likes to lay with her upper body over my chest and purrs away so contentedly I feel guilty disturbing her by getting up 🙂

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