Cats are natural born hunters that need exercise and stimulation for their health and well-being. Some cats, particularly indoor cats, don’t always have an outlet for these instinctual needs and consequently become sedentary and often overweight. Petlinks has two new electronic toys, the Tweety Ball and Crazy Tail that provide cats with the exercise and stimulation that is so important for their overall well-being.

“A fat cat is not always a happy cat,” said Rob Morgan Chief Operating Officer for Worldwise.  “And even cats that are not over weight might not be receiving the type of activity that they need to maintain a healthy state of being. That is why toys like these are so helpful in providing them with the kind of exercise that meets their instinctual needs as well.”  

Petlinks is introducing two new toys that are designed to provide for a cat’s instinctual need to hunt and give them the exercise needed for both mental and physical well-being. The Tweety Ball is an electronic chirping ball toy that will bring out the hunter hidden inside every cat. When cats bat this ball it rolls away emitting intriguing, realistic bird sounds as it goes. Let the hunt begin as the Tweety Ball provides cats with plenty of exercise and fulfillment of their instinctual needs.

The Crazy Tail is a motorized string toy that promotes activity for even the most sedentary cats. This toy looks like a mouse with a long tail that spins wildly in a way that cats will find irresistible. Simply hang it from a door handle using the attached strap and let the fun begin. The spinning tail twirls around in a way that cats will love, just don’t let them know they are getting some much needed exercise.

“These toys provide cats with the kind of activity that is important for their overall health and happiness,” added Morgan. “And as an added bonus it can be very fun to watch them at play.”

The Tweety Ball fulfills the “hunt” category of the Petlinks Needs System while the Crazy Tail satisfies the “exercise” category. The twelve categories – stimulation, independence, scratch, hygiene, interaction, hunt, rest, exercise, privacy, nutrition, treats and safety are designed to help consumers find products that help keep their cats happy and healthy.

About the company
The Petlinks brand is manufactured by Worldwise®, a leading consumer pet products company. By developing unique, high-quality products made from natural, recycled, reclaimed and certified organic material, and distributing them through the nation’s largest retailers, Worldwise™ brands are changing consumer beliefs about the look, feel, price and performance of environmentally-responsible products.