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Pets By Janette

Pet portraits are an excellent way to commemorate or memorialize your beloved fur baby. They’re also a great way to support local artists. Born and raised in beautiful British Columbia (where the Modern Cat office happens to be), Janette Carmichael creates custom, realistic pieces that capture the essence of your precious cat. As huge fans of her work, we asked Janette a few questions to help share her work with the Modern Cat community.

Why are pet portraits a good choice for pet owners?

My pastel portraits are a unique and special way to celebrate the love we have for our pets. They make excellent gifts for any occasion and are also a lovely way to remember a beloved pet that has passed on.

What are the benefits of your pet portraits?

Since I work from photos, it is easy for people from anywhere around the world to email me a photo to work from and I simply mail their portrait when it’s completed. My portraits are created with only the finest, lightfast pastels that will not fade in the sun and can be treasured for a lifetime.

What makes Pets by Janette unique? How do your portraits stand out in comparison to similar products?

My goal as a pet portrait artist is to capture the realism and unique character of each pet but to keep my own artistic flare in each piece. I aim to create a portrait more beautiful than the photograph and I believe that working with soft pastels really allows the softness of the animals to come through.

What are your goals as an artist?

My goal is simply to create something that pet owners will love. I don’t want to sell anyone a portrait that just looks like their dog or somewhat resembles their cat. When I show my client their portrait, I want them to see their pet staring right back at them. I know how special my animals are to me and how each one has their own personality and I try my best to let those personalities show through my work. I also want to keep my art affordable so all animal lovers can enjoy it.
How much does a portrait cost, and how can pet owners find out more about your products?

My pet portraits start at $200 for an 8”x10”. A full price list can be found on my website I can also be found on Instagram @petsbyjanette.

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