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Meet Aerostotle

Sherri Smith Jacksonville

Hi, my name is Aero (short for Aerostotle). I have my own FB page, so PLS COME VISIT ME: https://www.facebook.com/Aerostotle.Smith.  I am 5 wks old and totally blind.  I was so sick and eyes infected that both of my eyes had to be removed. My sister cat is doing better than I.  I am a stray kitty-- a kitty that people walked by daily like I was garbage on the street..until one day, a good samaritan picked up me and my sister and took me to the shelter where we received excellent care from the veterinary staff. Mum wasnt looking for a foster after losing Amber, her 2yrs old parapalegic cat...but she saw me, and called my name and I reacted like I have never before. It was then when I realized that my journie has begin with my new owner...and together, we walk the paths together...PAWS n HANDS....

my mum and everyone who walks with me, noisey toys, chin rubs, hugs and my new life with mum
People who abuses any types of animaux and make fun of SPECIALLY-ABLED animaux
Favorite Foods
Royal Canin Baby Cat 34
Favorite Pastimes
snuggling up with mum

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