Weekly Winner

Meet Allegra

The RagaMuffin
Laura Gregory

Allegra is a Tortoiseshell & White RagaMuffin.  She is one of our very first RagaMuffins and is a total love.  She is 13 years old and is a mommie to everyone.  She is super-floppy and loves to be cradles in your arms.  Allegra is a Grand Champion/Premier and winner in multiple associations and has shown all over the United States and Canada, she is a true show-girl who started at 4 months of age and still to this day will beg to get a chance to go to a show.  When given the chance, she will still show off in the judges rings, play with all the toys, and just do almost anything to gain the judges attention for a final.

13 years old
Cat Shows, Attention and Piano Music - just sit down to play and Allegra comes running to enjoy.
Lack of attention, empty food bowl and whatever needs to be righted for everyones sake
Favorite Pastimes
Cuddling with Mommie and/or her Kids

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