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Meet Amadeus and Aphrodite

The Domestic Shorthair
Jenilee Johnson Sycamore, Illinois

Hi there! We are Amadeus and Aphrodite, two kittens from the same litter. We are both missing part of one of our back legs. Amadeus' umbilical cord was wrapped around both his back leg and Aphrodite's back leg. We were in a litter of four kittens, our other two siblings sadly did not make it. We were a stray cat's kittens, who broke into a neighbor's house and had us. She must of known that something was wrong with us! But at 6 weeks old, our world changed! Our Momma took us home, she is a huge cat lover and couldn't stand to see us split apart. She already had several cats, and is considered the crazy cat lady in her family, but she has a big heart and doesn't like to see kitties suffering. We live in our new home with several fur siblings, including a yellow lab named Joe. He is our cuddling buddy! Momma always puts us first! She is a true animal lover, and we couldn't be more excited to have her as our owner! Momma wanted to give us strong names! She picked Amadeus because he was the runt, and was very small. And Mozart is her favorite classical composer, and he was a smaller man, so she felt it was fitting! She chose Aphrodite because that is the Greek God of Beauty, Desire and Love. And because she was so gorgeous as a kitten, and it was clear that she would be even more beautiful as she aged, it seemed fitting for her.

Our favorite activities: Napping, bird watching, snuggling with our fur-brother, Joe, watching movies with Momma, sunbathing, and eating.

Birthday: March 28th, 2013

5 Months Old
Catnip, toys, birdwatching, catnaps
Favorite Foods
Tiki cat and Fromm
Favorite Pastimes
Playtime! And our new pawsome cat tower!!!

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