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Meet Angelica Hope

Carrie and Mike Meehan Cape Coral FL

Angelica Hope joined our family in August of 2002. She spent the first two years of her life at a no kill shelter in Ft. Myers.  She was part of a feral family that was rescued by shelter workers.  She is a special needs kitty who has endured many medical problems. She has very fragile skin and apparently had acid thrown on her while a feral cat.

Other medical problems include one eye permanently dilated and she is now totally deaf.  She wears a piece of medical stockinet to help protect her skin.  She also has her seasonal outfits such as the Christmas sweater shown in this photo.
For a cat that has all the reason to be mean… she is the most loving cat.  She will come to anyone and just wants to be petted and will nuzzle you continually.   She spends most of her time in her bed sleeping.

At the shelter they named her Hope.  They never thought anyone would take her.  When we said we would they had to put together a file because they didn’t think it would ever be needed.  We renamed her Angelica Hope because she is just a pure angel. 

She is loved dearly, as are all of our family of five cats.  We continue to tend to her special needs and thank God for every day we have her.

More about Angelica:  http://www.catsprn.com/Angelica-Hope.htm



Jelly Cat, The Angel
Sleeping, soft treats
Hard treats
Favorite Foods
Baby food mixed with regular cat food.
Favorite Pastimes
Watching her brothers and sisters.

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