Weekly Winner

Meet Autumn

The RagaMuffin
Laura Gregory Florida

Extra loving, totally spoiled, tortoiseshell & white spay.  Ragtime Cats Dazzling Autumn has been a show cat since she was 4 months of age and has traveled all over the United States.  She has multiple titles in several associations.  Her most recent, prestigious title coming from the Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) this year as the RagaMuffin breeds first Regional Winner.

11 years
Baby Food Treats and Meow Mix Pate Toppers (Autumn knows a baby food jar pop from a mile away) and her best buddy Daphnie - a mini doxie (vote for her at modern dog).
If you run out of her daily canned food, or try to sub something different.
Favorite Foods
Baby Food and her Meow Mix pate toppers.
Favorite Pastimes
Head, Face rubs and chin scratches - I must have attention. Feather and/or mylar teasers.

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