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Meet Baby / Missy

The Calico
Karma Erwin West Greenwich RI

Mee, the "Baby"  was found by Momma last summer, here on our street . Momma thinks that someone just dropped me off by the side of the road hoping that someone with a heart for kittens will take me in . Mee iz  a very playful kitten and crazzy ! Mee makes da family  laugh so hard when I play pretends or when I chase  Peanut (our other cat) around the house. Read more about me at "Peanut & Co." on facebook.

1 year old
Missy , miss Crazyy , miss Trouble
ebryfing !
new people in the house , vacuum cleaner
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
playing with Peanut and aggravating Moses

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