Weekly Winner

Meet Binx

The Maine Coon
Nicole Detroit, Michigan.

Binx is a spoiled, three year old Maine Coon. He spends his free time sleeping in his marshmallow bed, begging for treats, playing with his toy mouse, eating his favorite food, using his water fountain, wetting his head under the faucet, and rubbing against legs. 

Three years old.
Eating, sleeping, water, butterflies, chipmunks, squirrels, string, headphones, bottle caps, the faucet, his water fountain, and his giant marshmallow cat bed.
Dogs, canned cat food, tuna, balloons, the hose, and the vet.
Favorite Foods
Iams Proactive Health and Seafood Medley Temptations cat treats.
Favorite Pastimes
Stalking, talking to birds and squirrels, playing with catnip, taking catnaps, and looking out the front window.

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