Weekly Winner

Meet Blueberry

The RagaMuffin
Laura Gregory Florida

GP Ragtime Cats Blueberries & Cream is an extremely affectionate RagaMuffin cat.  He now has an official job of being a CFA/Iams Ambassador Cat.  He goes to different cat shows and/or expos and there he is available to the public to educate people about his breed and the world of pedigree cats.  To him, he is there to fill his extreme need for love and affection.  Blue cannot seem to get enough, and always manages to attract any kids present for more hugs, pets and kisses.  He's a total ham.

5 years
Attention!! His job as a CFA/Iams Ambassador Cat.
If you stop petting him or rubbing his tummy. Being ignored.
Favorite Foods
Baby food treats are cool.
Favorite Pastimes
Going to cat shows as an Iams Ambassador and educating the public about his breed and about shows in general.

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