Weekly Winner

Meet Bo Kitty

The Handsome Tabby
Linda Smith White Haven, PA
I am a very special kitty. I adopted my mommy from the shelter a long, long time ago. She said she felt bad for me cuz I was the biggest one there. I have diabetes and was very sick recently. My picture is a collage of when I got out of the hospital in April. I am much better now. Purrs and headbonks and whisker kisses to everyone.
Skink-Skink, Bo Sausage, Bo-Zee, Bo Buggy, Chubb-Chubb, Furry Fluffy Fuzzy Thing
Cheese, Tuna water, Treats, Big Pink Mousie, Fevvers (feathers), sometimes my little brother, Squirt.
The Vacuum, The Carrier, Paté food, Dressing up, Water, Taking Pills, sometimes my little brother, Squirt.
Favorite Foods
Cheese, Eggs, Chips, Mashed Potatoes, Spaghetti Sauce (I only get a tiny lick), Pretty much anything I'm not allowed to have.
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with my toys, trying to catch the red dot, Sitting in the window, Chasing and Wrestling with Squirt, and Posting on my facebook page so my friends know what I'm up to.

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