Weekly Winner

Meet Briar

The Rescue/Maine Coon
Paula Renaud Vancouver, BC

Briar is a man of simple tastes and pastimes, yet he brings much joy to those around him. Rescued as a kitten by a vet tech, we arranged a meeting to pick him up from her at a gas station nearly 12 years ago. We originally got him for a troubled teen family member, who desperately wanted a husky. Instead, we settled for the largest fluffiest wildest looking kitty we could find. And Briar was it! He is around 20 pounds of fur, with intense green eyes and bobcat-like ear tufts. We suspect he is part Maine Coon. His meow is the teeniest tiniest cry, and oftentimes, he mouths a meow with no sound at all. Briar is easily startled, and tends to like to stay inside, where cat food, petting, and cozy sleeping areas are aplenty. He may not be the fittest cat, he may not be the smartest cat, but Briar sure is easy to love.

12 years old
"He is not fat, he is fluffy."
People that want to pet him on the head, getting petted on the head
Ceiling fans, Balloons, Noises of any kind, Physical activity
Favorite Foods
Cat food, cat food, and more cat food. Any kind of cat food. Lots of cat food.
Favorite Pastimes
Eating. Sleeping. Teeny tiny meows at loved ones.

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