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Meet Bug

The shorthair twisty cat
valerie northampton

Bug is what is known as a twisty cat. He was born with both front legs bent severely inward and yet never let it stop him for a minute. He runs up stairs at a hundred miles an hour, pogo's himself up onto the bed in a single bound, bombs back down the stairs. After several months, Bug's insistence upon using one of his front paws transformed one leg until it became straight enough to turn him into a twisty/tripod! His vet and I were both amazed. He's now 16 months old and has a fun Facebook fan-base where he gets to teach people about what twisty cats are capable of, plus he has a bunch of twisty friends and advertises other twisty cats who need homes. Even walking on elbows, they are not in pain and adapt themselves quite well with no special needs at all most of the time. Here is Bug crashed out after being the life of a party!

16 months
bugga, bugaboo
catching and eating bugs
being left out of anything
Favorite Foods
Favorite Pastimes
stalking flies and moths and playing cat fishing pole games

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