Weekly Winner

Meet Chico

The American Short Hair
Fran Duffy Wallingford, CT

When I was looking for a second cat I saw Chico's picture online and just knew that he was the one for me.  Chico is the sweetest, most gentle cat I have ever owned.  His voice is very soft and he rarely uses it, except to ask to go out in the hallway and roll around on the carpet.  He sleeps on my lap when I watch television and sleeps next to me at night.  He loves to play and especially to play fight with me but even then he is very gentle.  He also has to sniff my food before I eat just to see what it is.

Cheeky, Cheeks, Handsome Boy
Temptations Treats
Favorite Foods
Almost anything Fancy Feast
Favorite Pastimes
Napping, Trying to play with Shadow, Chewing the plants

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