Weekly Winner

Meet Daisy Lee Chapman

The Domestic Short Hair
Diane Guilliams Lubbock, Texas

Daisy Lee Chapman is 3 yrs old.  She is blind and deaf and has some neurological problems.  She was abused by someone before she was 6 wks old and thrown over the fence into my yard.  I rescued her and she has had my heart ever since.  She is loving and just downright adorable.  She is Mommy's little Love Bug!

3 Years old
Mommy's Love Bug
Her furry pink and orange balls and her furry mouse
When her brother, Leland, picks on her.
Favorite Foods
Pounce crunchy treats and Fancy Feast!
Favorite Pastimes
Eating crunchies, snuggling with Mommy and watching movies, and eating yogurt.

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