Weekly Winner

Meet Dante

Kathie South River New Jersey


I have the cutest freckles Mama says.I have a seizure disorder but that doesn't stop me from my mischief.I had an awesome scary adventure during Hurricane Sandy.I got scared and ran out the door. Our home was destroyed and I stayed in the woods for 5 months.I didn't even come out when I heard mama call.Then they fixed the house. The day Mama came home I saw her in the kitchen she opened the window and I flew in.I'm never leaving again. I missed my family!

Dante Brat...Dantino
Treats,Nippy,The new kitty condo,snuggling on Mama,my snakie toy
Time out,kitty grass
Favorite Foods
I eat anything but I love baked chicken.
Favorite Pastimes
I love laying on Mama and playing with my blind brother BuBu

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