Weekly Winner

Meet Dennis

The Domestic Shorthair
Albert Smith Erie, PA

I first read about Dennis on Facebook- a little kitten had been found in an abandoned house in Erie, PA. He was rescued by volunteers from Orphan Angels, a non euthanizing shelter here in Erie. He was in bad shape- his right hind leg was holding on by skin and infection had set in that was so bad that maggots were in the wound. Yet, when they picked him up he started to purr.

I made a donation to help defer the costs of surgery. When I told my wife about him she said "why don't we just adopt him?" So, I applied and made trips to his foster care home and watched him slowly get better and better. Now he is just a normal kitten who happens to only have 3 legs. It doesn't stop him from wrestling with his BFF Taffy, a 12 week old orange tiger kitten who we adopted along with Dennis. In fact, Dennis wins most of their matches.

We are truly blessed to have him in our home. He is an inspiration to us all.

10 weeks
Dennis the Menace, Owww
Wrestling with Taffy, his BFF
Getting hissed at by his older kitty friends, Stanley, Cali & Nook
Favorite Foods
4Health Kitten Formula
Favorite Pastimes
Chasing anything that moves. Including me.

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