Weekly Winner

Meet Dmitri Purrshkeyevich Eyolfdak

The Siberian Forest Cat
Doug Eyolfson & Sowmya Dakshinamurti Winnipeg, Canada

Dmitri's a great cat! He's always been his own animal - a real cat's cat - and we love his independence and curiosity (even when it gets him stuck in the crawl space eating insulation with bugs in his fur, or behind the fireplace and covered with soot or...) He has been raised as an indoor cat for safety reasons (cars, coyotes, etc) but loves being outside with his leash. This past year our family has had some stresses and losses, and Dmitri has shown himself to be a car

8 (born May 16, 2004)
Watty, Sweetie, Hey Cat
tuna, being scratched between the ears, tuna, going outside, tuna
strangers, the vacuum cleaner, strangers with vacuums
Favorite Foods
did I mention tuna?
Favorite Pastimes
leaping up to high places and looking down at the world

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