Weekly Winner

Meet Edward Scissorpaws

The Pixie Bob
Lynn Cunningham Tampa

Eddie hanging out in his favorite chair (above). Edward is a "mitten type" polydactyl Pixie Bob! He loves using his thumbs!  Eddie is very laid back, sweet, affectionate, and enjoys interacting with his friends on his Facebook and Instagram! All he needs in this photo is a pipe and a smoking jacket!!

1 year
Chasing his leather bouncy stick toy, treats, television, and playing the Cat Playground App on the Nook
Having his hair brushed, and having his teeth brushed!
Favorite Foods
Goofurr paste, Blue Buffalo Wilderness treats, Kitty Kaviar
Favorite Pastimes
Watching birds, sleeping, playing with sister Emma, and being Captain of the Scissorpaws Polydactyl Power Team!

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