Weekly Winner

Meet Faith

The Longhair rescue
Al Smith Westfield, NY

Faith is a barn kitten who was rescued by Orphan Angels Cat sanctuary. They were at my brother in law Paul's barn so I helped with their transport. Once they were safe I couldn't get Faith out of my mind. She was the spitting image of Hope, my sweet girl who had passed away from FeLV on 7/17/15 and was Cat of the Week on 7/27/15.
So I got to know her and as soon as she was ready she came home. On the way home I saw a rainbow. This was Hope's blessing. Hope lives on.

1 year
Faith Ann, Faithy
Playing with brother Peaches and her squeakie mousie
Having to take medecine
Favorite Foods
Friskies Party Mix
Favorite Pastimes
Climbing the cat tree and ambushing her brothers & sisters

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