Weekly Winner

Meet Finn and Remy

The Philly Street Cat
Arianna and Katy Philadelphia
Finn and Remy were rescued from a kill shelter in Philadelphia in 2014. Finn had eyelid agenesis and went into foster care with our friend. He had to get his eyes removed and we met him and fell in love. We fostered Remy after she had one of her eyes removed, but she decided that she wanted to stay with us forever. Finn gets around like a normal cat; he likes to play with toys and climb on the cat tree. Remy loves to eat anything with cheese and she likes to cuddle with other cats.
1.5 years and 1 year
Finn: Finny, Finnegan; Remy: Remington, Fatty
Food, macaroni and cheese, tinsel balls, cuddling, sleeping, wet food, crinkle balls, treats, toy mice, food, balls, our foster friends, our brother and sisters
Sharing food, lack of food, sharing toys, lack of toys, being awake, dry food
Favorite Foods
Macaroni and cheese, burritos, wet food, cat treats, dog food, cheese, anything with cheese, really any type of food
Favorite Pastimes
Playing, eating, sleeping, napping, hunting, visiting stores, cuddling

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