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Meet Fleurp


Fleurp was found as a very young kitten, with an injury to her eye and a cold.  She went to the local shelter where I found her and immediately knew that I would be fostering her.  I went to the staff and begged for them to let me take her - even though I had a house full of foster kittens and a fair number of cats that I owned.

She was pure and utter joy from day one.  She didn't mind the meds I had to give her and just lapped up the attention.  As she healed and got healthy and neared the time to take her back to be adopted she escaped her foster room and insinuated herself in the household. I was so sure there was going to be a revolt (it is often promised when I have kitten I start considering adopting) but even my most staunch opposition to new cats in the house Muffin enjoyed her company, and thus it was so.  Fleurp became one of The Crew.

She is amazingly photogenic, and an absolute delight to spend time with.

Fleurpy Face
being ignored
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