Weekly Winner

Meet Florence

The Bombay
Laura Esher

She was the only female in her litter and all her brothers were ginger toms. Eight in total. She hasn't grown a lot since we got her so she still looks like a kitten. She is adorable and weighs about 3 bags of sugar. She is our lucky charm and has an adorable white mark on her chest and big gorgeous eyes :) she is a very sociable cat and loves being at home. She also currently eats sweetcorn ...

Flo and fluffy face
Sleeping, watching telly, fetching sticks and acting like a dog, climbing trees, tapping your face in the middle of the night, grabbing toes and she only drinks water out of a glass (how classy)
Baths, hair dyer, Hoover, aerosol cans when sprayed, water, guitar
Favorite Foods
Sheba, salmon, sweetcorn, chops,chicken,cereal,yogurt,ice cream and ice lollies
Favorite Pastimes
Stealing potpourri, hair bands and clips, watching telly with the girls, running round the garden chasing the wind, hiding in wardrobes, talking, eating, sitting on the laptop when using it, runs off with a pencil if you are using it, chew plastic bags

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