Weekly Winner

Meet Frankie

The Flame Point Siamese
Angela Binkowski Auburn Hills

My handsome little man is 15 years old and is the love of my life.  I adopted him when he was 6 months old from the Humane's Society and has had a very pampered life ever since.  Frankie has a mind of his own, loves to problem solve, and is very strong willed.  I couldn't ask for a better cat!

Kitten, Franklin, Mansus, Fangy (he only has 1 out of 4 "fangs")
His blanket, toys, jungle gym, going outside to enjoy the sun
Being held unless it is his idea
Favorite Foods
chicken, donuts, potato chips
Favorite Pastimes
Playing with his dachshund housemate, Prada; going for walks on a leash outside; napping

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