Weekly Winner

Meet Fred Simpson

The Persian/tabby
Ellen Simpson <3 Sydney Australia

How can I explain myself? 

I'm a very special and friendly kitty. I have had some bad luck in my life but I still keep on loving. 

I was abused by my Mum's housemate, I have a brain tumour and a rare blood disease. 

I am still full of love and hope that I will be the very best and try my hardest to improve other people's lives too. 

Freddy, Boo boo, Mr Magoo, Fluff ball and lover boy
Cuddles, Friends, sleeping, food, dressing up and photo's
Abuser's, vet's, being sick and meanies
Favorite Foods
Cat treats, Whiskas gold kitten food and chicken
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, cuddling mum, talking to my friends, making mum laugh and going to the vets.

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