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Meet Frosty the Frozen Kitten

The Domestic Ginger Girl
Carol Infalt Sullivan, Wisconsin

Frosty was found Frozen Solid - almost dead on Dec. 30, 2013. Severly emaciated and dehydrated, she was slowly thawed out and survived her first night. By Jan 3 she was struggling for air and ended up in a neo-nate ICU animal hospital where she stayed 15 days. She was on IV'S, in an oxygen incubator. Frosty's eyes were frozen open. Vets did not expect her to see, or be able to walk.  In fact many felt she should be euthanized. Frosty defied all odds and is with us today.

5 months
Frosty, Frosty the Frozen Kitten
Mini Mice
have not found any yet
Favorite Foods
Blue Buffalo Treats
Favorite Pastimes
playing catch the mouse

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