Weekly Winner

Meet Fuba

The Turkish Angora Mix
Daisy Holzapfel Greensburg, PA

I call him a rescued rescue since it seemed he was unwanted even by the people who saved him. I knew by how he calmly came over and nipped my ankle that I had to get him out of there. He's my artful muse and was my inspiration to get out of my hospital bed after my stroke 3 years ago.

Fuba may be 25 pounds of bonkers, but he's also very inventive little man. Twice, in desperate times, he pulled out grocery bags to use when a litter box was unavailable. He also lets us know he wants fed by opening the cat cabinet. For a cat this special, we have created an ultra hip bachelor pad in the basement; where he has a tv, twin size bed, recliner and private bathroom.

Fu and also Kramer (for his wacky Seinfeldian entrances)
Licking plastic bags, cardboard scratchers, food and Mommy's flip flops
Marc Jacob's "Daisy" perfume, Storms, technology with automatic functions, loud vehicles & sharing
Favorite Foods
Fancy Feast Elegant Medleys in White Meat Chicken Florentine and Turkey Florentine
Favorite Pastimes
Eating & hanging out in the window watching birdies

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