Weekly Winner

Meet Fuzz the Fuzzman

The short hair gray tuxedo
Stephanie West Martinsburg WV
Fuzz the Fuzzman is a special little guy. His brain did not fully developed on the age process. He will be a kitten for the rest of his life. With the issue of continuing URI. SO he is always on meds. But still loves his treats afterwards. And he is everbodys friends. Furries and humans lol. So I really do beleive he deserves this chance of winning. You will fal in love with instantly.SW
3 years old
chasing strings, carring mommy sneakers around the house and sleeps on them, aggravating my older brother and sister, playing with my 3 younger brothers
taking meds everyday.
Favorite Foods
sheba pate seafood flavor.
Favorite Pastimes
stealing dads chair everytime he gets out of it.

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