Weekly Winner

Meet G.G. Kitty Girl

The 3/4 Turkish Van 1/4 Abyssinian
Rob and Tracy Davis Banning

G.G. was born the runt of a litter of Turkish Van crosses on Easter morning, March 31, 2013. She was born with a small Cleft Lip Palate, and the cutest nose to go with her precious personality! She was bottle fed for about 6 weeks, and she still gets her baba once a night, even tho she is now about 15 weeks old.  She has her own FB page with over 2,200 wonderful fans, and a boyfriend!!!!!! This is a baby picture of her when she was maybe 3 weeks old.  We were so worried that she would have trouble with her eyesight because her eyes were always dark, while everyone elses turned blue normally. She was very tiny, in this picture, she weighed only ounces! I believe she was 3 weeks old when this was taken.

14 weeks
G.G., Baby girl, Lunch Box
her baba, toys, sleeping wherever, water, laser lights,her dog, Boris, helping with cleaning the litter boxes! Traveling. Going to PetSmart with her momma, Abby.
loud noises, her harness,
Favorite Foods
Friskie's canned "shreds"
Favorite Pastimes
Playing on the cat tree, eating, sleeping. dragging tennis shoes around by the laces,hangin' with Grandpapa, and most important of all.... Talking with all of her FB friends!!

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