Weekly Winner

Meet Gandalf

The Maine Coon
Rikard Östrand and Frida Haavisto Stockholm, Sweden

Gandalf is a 10 month old silver tiger of the breed maine coon. He was born without eyes, but since he do not know he miss something he is not affected by not seeing, he even "looks" out the window with the help of his hearing.
He is also online @ facebook, instagram and youtube to inform the world that cats like him should not be killed for their disability, they can live a purrfect cat life anyway!

10 months
Gosboll (Means cuddleball)
Playing/hunting, climbing, watching over the room or out the window, treats, water (baths), cuddling, talking, Sleeping, eating, taking baths, writing on the computer
Vets, the evil claw stealer (claw cutter) and weird sounds
Favorite Foods
Loved every treat I tried this far! But I sincerly belive ham is the most epic food in the world!
Favorite Pastimes
Sleeping, cuddling, playing!

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